About Us


To Restore your self-confidence, “One head of hair at a time”.

At InStyle-Egg®, our mission is to help regain your confidence with stronger, healthier, and more hair! We understand that hair loss can affect our well-being and self-confidence, but with the InStyle Egg laser cap, you will feel the brand new you!

When it comes to reversing your hair loss, we are definitely your mentor. Through our advanced low level laser therapy technology, our device will definitely help reverse and reduce hair loss, restore your hair, and regenerate your best self – with the most reasonable time spent, energy, and the most economical.

Our Story

First founded in 2010, InStyle-Egg® is committed to solve hair loss issues: How can we help more people regrow their hair in a healthier way while saving our clients’ money?

Our answer? We are a one-stop production facility that keeps quality high and costs low, setting the standard of quality above the average laser caps found. We chose to produce our next-generation technology in-house, keeping costs to a minimum, at the same time we ensure the best quality for our customers. But that’s not the only factor that distinguishes the InStyle Egg laser cap product from the rest.

After many years of research, collection of customers’ feedback, and upgrades with state-of-the-art engineering, we have been able to create the most advanced laser hair device treatment, maximized for the best customer experience. We’ve sold over 1 million laser cap devices all over the world to those seeking to restore their hair growth, without the burdensome cost or the expensive trips to the laser clinics.

Why laser caps?

Our laser cap technology has been proven to stimulate hair-falling issues in return for ample regrowth of hair. As the current leading expert, we have developed laser cap models that not only provide higher efficiency for stimulation, but also ensure comfort and convenience with guaranteed results. Instead of manufacturing the product with low quality at a retail price, InStyle Egg ensures that we offer the premium quality at a reasonable  cost.

Trusted by over 1 million customers

We are more than just 100% satisfaction guaranteed; we are the leading brand in the advanced laser technology for hair growth. Our work process enables us to ensure the highest standard in safety and effectiveness. All of our laser cap models are heavily tested, clinically proven, and FDA-approved for safety. At InStyle-Egg®, we guarantee healthy hair growth without jeopardizing health and safety. To learn more about whether Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is right for you, check out our helpful resources.