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Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss?

If you are a smoker and have thinning hair, the two could be linked. Smoking can cause many health problems and physical changes, such as lung cancer, oral cancer, heart disease, yellowing nails & teeth and even hair loss.

Smoking causes these main effects:

1.Poor Blood Circulation

Hair follicles need oxygen, nutrients and minerals to grow healthy hair. The toxic chemicals in cigarette may impede blood flow and interrupt the hair growth cycle (anagen phase, catagen phase, telogen phase), then lead to noticeable hair loss.

2.Damaged Immune System

Cigarette can weaken your immune system and causes hair loss and other illness. When your immune system is weak, the chances of having bacterial infection may become higher, and your hair become fragile and thinning. Also, your endocrine system had disruption and resulted in higher DHT levels.

smoking may cause hair loss

3.Environment Pollution

Hair quality is also related to environments factors, as known as smoke-filled air, which can aggravate genetic hair loss from the presence of pollutants and carcinogens. Also, scientists have long speculated that cigarette smoke will accelerate hair loss worse and worse. If you regularly smoke at a space with the window rolled up, the environment pollution could be created and you could get more risks in hair loss.

smoking may cause hair loss


Stress-physical or mental, both lead to hair loss. Smoking increases stress in your body, rises your blood pressure & heart rate, tenses muscles and constricts blood vessels.

So, does smoking cigarette cause hair loss? The fact of the matter is that smoking has ill effect on your body internally. Long-term smokers might need additional treatment to help regenerate hair and quit smoking.

smoking may cause hair loss

Healthy Ways to Cope:

Besides treatments to take control cigarette addiction, try the exercise below to get some tips on how you can manage smoking habit.

Take a walk- It can provide you with similar relaxation, and you can focus on your surroundings, organize your thoughts while taking a stroll.

Do exercise-Regular exercise for at least 30 minutes and five days per week boost your endorphins in your brain and make you feel good. Walking, jogging, swimming, whatever sports you like, will truly help your stress out and draw your attention away.

Let people know-Quitting smoke is easier with support. Talk to someone who you trust about your situation, and how they can help.

Remove all temptation-Anything, anyone related to smoke cigarette, should get rid of them, including matches, lighters, ashtrays.

smoking may cause hair loss