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Grow thicker, heathier new hair in 6 monthes or Full Refund!!

FDA-Cleared Laser Hair Technology For Men & Women

Grow thicker, heathier new hair in
6 monthes or Full Refund!!

FDA-Cleared Laser Hair Technology For Men & Women

Regrow your hair, rebuild your confidence

How does inStyle-Egg® Laser Cap Work?

80 Venus Plus

For early hair loss

272 Mars Pro

For moderate hair loss

280 Pluto Premium

For severe hair loss


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How does LLLT work to regrow hair?

LLLT technology have been cleared by the FDA after undergoing rigorous testing, clinical trials, and safety regulations.

InStyle-Egg® utilizes LLLT to energize aging cells, stimulates follicles, and promote hair growth improvement.

Who should use
InStyle-Egg® laser cap?

People who have symptoms of hair loss, Androgenetic Alopecia, baldness, etc., are recommended candidates to wear laser cap and make hair healthier.

Will I feel painful when INSTYLE-EGG® laser cap works?

Laser Cap treats hair and scalp with LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy), which is non-invasive technology and delivers laser light in the scalp without any pain or discomfort.

What is the treatment time for InStyle-Egg® Cap?

Each treatment is 30 minutes every other day, or as directed by physician.

When can I see hair growth results?

The whole process takes time to restore follicles, regrow shiner hair, reverse hair loss, and it’s divided into three phases: anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase. Mostly you will see visible changes after using 12-24 weeks, but still it depends on the degree of hair loss and when to begin laser cap treatment.


Yes, InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap provides 2 Years Warranty from the date of purchase, except for accidental damage or misuse.

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FDA-CLEARED Laser Hair Device

Fight Against Hair Loss

Give Your Hair A Chance

80 Venus Plus

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Classic Light Hair Treatment

272 Mars Pro

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Advanced Hair Booster

280 Pluto Premium

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