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How To Participate 2

How to Participate


For the first 100 purchasers, free $200 cashback!


You can either make a post through Instagram, Tik Tok, or your blog. If you decide to stream with Instyle Egg, please e-mail us.

  1. Make your post, tag us on Intagram, (screen shot or send us the link(e-mail us) or DM us through Facebook or Instagram of your Tik Tok, blog, or stream page.
  2. We will choose the “Most loved, Most creative, and Mr./Ms. Amazing”prize winners within a month.
  3. We’ll announce the winners through our Instyle Egg website or social media page.
  1. We’ll directly contact the winners through e-mail, so don’t forget to check your inbox, be prepared to get your prize in cash!

  1. Give us your Paypal account, and we‘ll send the prize($1000 for each one of the winners) over 🙂

Important notice for the participants

  1. This campaign is organized by Instyle Egg®.
  2. All participants must read and agree to all the rules.
  3. The winners will be announced through our website, Facebook page, and Instagram page.
  4. The coupon has no expiration date.
  5. One coupon is valid for one single purchase only.
  6. Instyle Egg®will not be liable of any loss of or any inaccurate information arising in any way from or in any connection with any system, server or connection failure. This clause shall take effect to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  7. InStyle Egg® has the right to change, suspend, cancel, and terminate