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InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap: Hair Loss Treatment

The Technology Used In InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap

If you are looking to grow your hair and prevent hair thinning, InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap therapy may be right for you. InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap utilizes LLLT (Low-Level Laser Technology) which features lower-strength lasers emitting photons to penetrate the scalp and target the follicles. A 2017 review of clinical trials found 10 of 11 trials reviewed “significant improvement in LLLT treatment of hair loss”; as report by Photomed Laser Surg., laser radiation can also accelerate blood circulation and nutrient transport.

InStyle-Egg® Laser Device contains 80, 272 or 280 laser diodes for deliver energy into your scalp, and all the laser devices are FDA-Cleared ( Food and Drug Administration) for treating androgenetic alopecia safely and effectively.


How Does InStyle-Egg® Work?

There are three stages of hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

When you are wearing the laser cap, the red lights are allowed to make contact with your scalp with specific frequency. The light emitted from laser diodes enhances blood circulation in the skin, brings in more nutrients. So that the laser light will stimulate your hair follicles out of the Telogen (resting phase and into the Anagen (growth phase) longer.


hair growth cycle: anagen, catagen, telogen









InStyle-Egg® Product Features

✓ FDA-Cleared medical laser device, clinically proven to be safe and effective on hair growth treatment

✓ 12 months product warranty

✓ 3 models (80/272/280 laser diodes) for different laser energy of hair therapy

✓ Lightweight, portable device-have hair treatment at home or on-the-go

✓ Semicircle laser device can be inserted into any baseball cap

✓ Beep indicators every 10 minutes;  Automatic turn-off function after 30 minutes session

✓ Hands-free design-treat hair loss while do the things you love

Among many hair regrowth therapy alternatives, InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap is affordable and powerful from Healthinsiders comparison chart. There are 3 models at different strengths for choice, and all the models are FDA-Cleared and tested heavily.

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Adding Care To Your Hair

Laser devices are used by physicians around the world to treat hair loss for male and female patients. If you have noticed your hair is starting to thin and you want to do some changes, order InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap and start your hair growth journey! Low light laser therapy has produced noticeably thicker hair for a lot of people.  The sooner you act, the more results your hair will feel.

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