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Is Summer Hair Loss a Real Thing?

Is Summer Hair Loss a Real Thing?

Everyone wants to go outside for BBQ time, a vacation, or baseball game during the summer months, but you might be nervous to step out into the sun because of the effect it may have on your hair. In the summer or the fall, many will notice changes in the feel, look and quality of their hair and may be alarmed by the number of strands they see stuck in their brushes. Can the weather actually make our hair fall out?


Summer hair loss

Is It Common to Lose More Hair In Summer?

Summer hair loss or ‘seasonal hair loss,’ occurs in both and men and women and can be due to a mixture of both internal and external factors. Some may experience more hair shedding than usual during the warmer summer period, as seasonal shedding has been demonstrated and reported more in women than in men, and the hairs shedding amount is much more in summer than in winter. There are some factors causing damaged hair, such as sun exposure, chlorine salt water, sweat, dandruff

  1. Sun Exposure- It makes your body produce less melatonin and affects hormone levels in your scalp. This effectively signals the hair follicles to go through their natural separation phase for a longer period than normal.
  2. Chlorine salt water- Sea salt and pool chlorine water speeds up the wear and tear of strands.
  3. Sweat- Studies show that lactic acid in sweat mixed with keratin in hair, causes hair breakage and loss. When we sweat through the sweat glands on the scalp, the hair strands become dehydrated and it could be associated with hair loss.
  4. Higher temperatures are ideal for microbes that cause dandruff to develop. Sweat mixed with dandruff on the scalp causes clogged pores and makes hair follicles inactive, and even causes a large proportion of hair loss. Click here for more dandruff information>>


Summer hair loss


What You Can Do About It

There are ways to reverse the damage and bring your best hair forward:

  1. Frequently washing your favorite hat and cap helps you avoid scalp infections from dirt and sweat and ensures you have healthy hair
  2. For hair care products, use anti-dandruff shampoo and choose products without sodium lauryl sulfate. Having moisturizing hair masks and conditioners would be great after a summer of swimming.
  3. Excess heat can damage your hair and make it dry, so it’s better to wear a hat, scarf, or put up an umbrella to protect your hair.
  4. While spending the whole summer days at the pool, try washing your hair before and after entering the pool to avoid chlorine water damage.
  5. The most stylish and easiest way to protect your hair is to wear a sun hat or scarf, and one of the hat options is laser hair cap, as known as LLLT device. It’s a regenerative hair process that uses laser diodes to stimulate dormant hair follicles and encourage them to re-enter the hair growth cycle. The hat looks like a typical baseball cap on the outside, but have a web of high-quality laser diodes on the inside. You simply place the cap on your head for roughly 30 minutes every other day, and the process of regenerating hair follicle cells begins. It’s a portable and lightweight device to use at home, on-the-go, on a trip. Have hair growth treatment while protect your hair from sun exposure


While it’s impossible to prevent seasonal hair loss completely, you can follow the above few preventative tips. Eating a healthy and balanced diet will also help your hair thicker and fuller. To boost hair growth and to prevent further hair loss, we recommend you a FDA approved laser hair device, which is clinically proven LLLT technology and works effective for both men and women. Reverse thinning process and rejuvenate hair follicles by just using it 30 minutes, 3 times per week.


Photobiomodulation and Low-level laser therapy device can reverse hair loss, improve hair regrowth