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Laser Wavelength and Hair Growth

Lasers, Wavelength, and Hair Growth

Many studies have shown that  LLLT (low level laser therapy) is beneficial towards scalp for hair growth and hair loss options. The popular LLLT laser products are laser combs, caps, helmets in the market, offering an effortless hair loss treatment for male and female. Just wear for the recommended time, you may see hair growth results a few months to a year depending on the person. Most of LLLT devices are of  around 650nm laser wavelength, which has shown beneficial effects for androgenetic alopecia or male / female pattern baldness conditions.

Why Laser Wavelength Light is Important?

Research over many years has shown that low-level laser therapy produces the greatest results when calibrated between 630nm–670nm. That is why most LLLT devices use 650nm, the exactly in the middle of the recommended range.

Laser therapy uses photostimulation to increase blood flow around the hair follicles, then nourishes and rejuvenates the hair, resulting in better growth and thicker hair. When the device is used, low-level laser penetrates the scalp with a fine-tuned intensity and wavelength with red laser light.

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)


InStyle-Egg® Laser Caps emit lasers in the wavelength of 650 nm, which is a visible red light band. A laser beam at 650 nm penetrates the hair follicle where it is necessary, unlike LED which disperses and does not penetrate to the same depth to be effective.

All of the InStyle-Egg® devices cleared by the FDA for the specific purpose of treating androgenetic alopecia and promoting hair growth operate in the visible light range, specifically optimized at 650 nm. InStyle-Egg® Laser Caps have three models: 80,272 and 280, provide full coverage with medical laser diodes to ensure ultimate hair regrowth. The laser cap can be worn under the included baseball cap which can come in handy and easy-to-use if you want to spend time outdoors while still taking advantage of your hair regrowth treatment.


InStyle-Egg® Laser Cap 272 Mars-Infinite