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Fight Against Hair Loss | Unboxing the InStyle-Egg Laser Cap

InStyle-Egg; Hair Loss Reimagined

Are you worried about the clumps of hair that you find in your shower drains or while brushing your hair? Hair loss is a common symptom of aging in both men and women but can be caused by many factors; you don’t have to be middle-aged to experience hair loss, nor do you have to wait to begin preventing hair from falling out of your head.

Before we get into our life-changing product, let’s take a look at what hair loss actually is.

What is Hair Loss?

Hair loss and hair shedding are not the same things. Hair shedding is when you lose 100 hairs or less in a day, but the hair grows back, and you don’t notice any thinning, bald spots, or overall a smaller amount of hair on your head. Hair loss is when you lose more than 100 hairs a day consistently, and the hair is not growing back. Hair loss, AKA alopecia areata, is characterized by thinning hair and patchy or bald spots around the scalp.

Many things can cause hair loss; in women, the most common cause of hair loss is a change in hormone levels. Birth control, high stress levels, or menopause are the culprits.

Hair loss is much more common in men. As a man ages, he may begin to experience “male pattern baldness,” a genetic condition passed down from generation to generation.

Both genders are susceptible to hair loss caused by stress, poor diet, bad haircare, or other environmental factors.

About InStyle-Egg

We at InStyle-Egg care a lot about our customers; founded in 2010 with over a million units sold worldwide. Our caps pass all FDA standards and have been thoroughly clinically tested. Our products are safe, price-savvy, and effective. We use the latest LLLT (low-level laser light therapy) technologies to ensure that our intensive light caps are the best they can be. Our light caps are at lower price points than the other guys because we skip the retailer; we produce our caps ourselves and sell them directly to our customers via our website,

You can read more about our brand’s journey on our About Us page. We believe in 100% upfront honesty with our customers, and we want you to know everything about us.

What is a Laser Light Cap?

A hair loss treatment/prevention cap uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (keep reading for more on LLLT) to effectively send energy to damaged hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth for thicker, denser, and healthier hair. The machine fits right into your baseball cap and can be worn while doing chores around the house, watching your favorite show, reading a good book, or anything else you need to get done; the opportunities are endless!

The cap plugs into a portable battery power bank that you can stick in your back pocket and go on about your day with. The cap is meant to be worn a maximum of 30 minutes a day, every other day, for best results after 24 weeks. In fact, we believe in our product so much that if you don’t see any results within six months, we’ll give you your money back. Plus, we offer a 2-year warranty on our caps!

Your hair means a lot to you, and our most significant motivating factor is seeing your smile once you get results.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is safe, effective, and noninvasive; just plop the cap on and go! The therapy involves using medical-grade diodes that emit a special red light at the 650 nm wavelength that sends energy to damaged/shrunken hair follicles, increasing ATP (the body’s energy source) production, oxygen levels, and promoting the transport of essential nutrients to the follicles so that new hair can grow.

Between 80 and 280 diodes are placed on InStyle-Egg caps; the more diodes, the greater surface area that can be treated more powerfully.

Unboxing the InStyle-Egg Laser Cap

Best laser cap for hair,laser hair cap for hair loss,laser regrowth cap for hair loss,laser cap for hair loss

Our LLLT Laser Caps come in a sturdy, protective box with a slip-off label. Once the package is opened, you will see a handy travel case that zips open to reveal the diode cap, a baseball hat, the charger, and the battery pack, which comes in a leather protective case.

Best laser cap for hair,Best laser cap for hair regrowth,laser cap for hair loss,laser hair cap for hair loss
laser cap for hair loss,laser hair cap for hair loss,Best laser cap for hair regrowth,Best laser cap for hair
Best laser cap for hair,Best laser cap for hair regrowth,laser hair cap for hair loss,laser cap for hair loss

One of our most unique traits is that our battery pack has a capacity of 8000mAh, the highest on the market. The battery should last you about ten uses before it’s time to charge the pack back up, saving you tons of time and energy.

Best laser cap for hair,laser regrowth cap for hair loss,laser cap for hair loss,Best laser cap for hair regrowth
Best laser cap for hair regrowth,laser hair cap for hair loss,laser regrowth cap for hair loss,Best laser cap for hair


  • Super simple to use
  • Easily transportable
  • Can be worn while doing everyday tasks
  • Safe
  • Two-year warranty
  • Six-month guarantee
  • Lightweight
  • Medical-grade laser diodes
  • FDA cleared



  • A little pricey
  • Can take weeks to see results; don’t rush the process! Your body is at work all the time.


How Long does the InStyle-Egg LLLT Cap Take to Work?

You might begin to see results within 4-6 weeks, but don’t stop using the device! It will take up to 24 weeks for full results to show. However, you will see and feel a huge difference in your hair; the LLLT encourages thicker hair to grow from past damaged follicles; silky, thick, and full hair isn’t unachievable.


If you don’t see results within six months, we’ll refund your money. However, we are confident that you will see results and love your new head of hair.


Is the InStyle-Egg Cap Safe?

The InStyle-Egg LLLT caps have been clinically tested and pass all FDA standards; there have been no reported side effects, only happy people! So, yes, all of our laser therapy hair loss caps are safe for use as long as you follow the instructions.


If you have any questions about our cap or safety precautions, please email us at We’d love to chat with you!


Ready to Change Your Life?

Visit our website and check out our laser caps to revolutionize your confidence.



*photos are the real product submitted by a customer.

What are the reasons for hair loss in men?

There are several reasons why men experience hair loss, including:
  • Androgenetic alopecia: This is the most common form of hair loss in men, also known as male-pattern baldness. It is a genetic condition that affects hair follicles on the scalp and can cause thinning and eventual balding.
  • Medications: Some medications, such as chemotherapy drugs, blood thinners, and antidepressants, can cause hair loss as a side effect.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes due to aging, thyroid disorders, or imbalances in testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) levels can cause hair loss.
  • Stress: Physical or emotional stress can lead to hair loss, as the body diverts energy away from hair growth to other vital functions.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: A diet lacking in key vitamins and minerals, such as iron and biotin, can contribute to hair loss.
  • Medical conditions: Certain medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases and scalp infections, can cause hair loss.
  • Hairstyling habits: Over-styling, excessive heat or chemical treatments, and tight hairstyles can damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss.
  • Age: As men age, hair follicles naturally shrink, leading to thinner, less dense hair over time.

Why use laser cap? Why InStyle Egg®?

Suffering from hair loss? Feeling anxious with thinning hair? Regrow your hair at home with an easy, accessible, and handy, portable laser cap! With LLLT (low level light therapy), cellular activities will be stimulated, which promotes hair growth and increases hair thickness.

How the Instyle Egg laser cap is the best fit for you
InStyle Egg laser cap, portable , easy to carry around and travel with, provides high quality however low cost; take 30 minutes every other day, sit down properly, relax, meditate, and regrow your hair! With an automatic turn off after 30 minutes, this is the perfect time for you to fully relax, relief stress, and make it a daily routine with a more healthier look and guaranteed result within 6 months!

About Hair Loss

Losing hair is a normal physiological process, we lose from 50 to 150 hairs per day. While it can cause distress and worry if your hair has become noticeably thinner, or you find there are more hair on the comb or in the drain.

Hair loss is thought to affect 85% of men in United States, and half of all have major thinning hair by the time they’re 50. In most cases, the result that causes thinning hair and baldness is Androgenetic Alopecia (Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss). It’s a disease that develops when body’s immune system attack hair follicles and causes hair loss. You may lose hair anywhere on your body, including your scalp, your nose, your ears, and some may lose their eyelashes or eyebrows. Males tend to lose hair from the temples and crown of the head, and in females, hair usually becomes thinner all over the head.

Other causes of hair loss in men can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • Age- With age, most people notice some hair loss because hair growth slows. At some point, hair follicles stop growing hair and scalp becomes thin. Some women may enter the menopause which effects on your hair growth.
  • Hormones changes- Hormonal changes include pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid problems. If your hormones are out of whack, the effects will radiate throughout the whole body and definitely your hair.
  • Nutritional deficiencies- If you are not getting enough nutrients, like biotin, iron, protein, or zinc, you may have noticeable hair loss.
  • Hairstyles- If you color, perm, or pull hair into right hairstyles, you could be damaging your hair. Over time, this damage can lead to hair loss.
  • Side effect of some meditations- Hair loss can a side effect of certain drugs, such as those used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure.


Science of Hair: Hair growth Cycle

There are 3 stages of hair growth in the cycle: anagen, catagen, telogen. At some point, the follicle will begin to grow again, softening the anchor point of the shaft initially, the hair base will break free from the root, and the hair will be shed.

Anagen (growth phase): the active phase of the hair. During the anagen phase, cells of the bulb divide rapidly and most hair is growing at any given time. Each hair spends 2-8years in this phase.

Catagen (transitional phase): a transitional stage and about 3 % of all hairs in this phase at any time. Hair growth slows and the hair follicle shrinks.

Telogen (resting phase): During the Telogen phase, the follicle remains dormant for 1 to 4 months. 10-15% of the hair on one’s head are in this phase of growth at any time, and as much as 50-100hairs can be shed during this time. While the old hair is resting, the new hair begins and goes back the growth phase.

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Treating Hair Loss with InStyle-Egg®

Low-Level Laser (light) Therapy (LLLT) is a fast-growing technology used to treat hair loss and regrow thicker, fuller hair, as it is noninvasive, painless and not leaving scars compared to hair transplant surgical. LLLT hair treatment applies lasers intensity or light-emitting diodes at a specific wavelength energize head scalp. Laser light transfer small or very small amounts of energy into the skin and stimulates the cells energy center, to generate energy the nerves use to strengthen the muscles.

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