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The before & after images below show that those who had hair loss are now gaining healthier hair, achieving optimal growth results by using our Laser Cap. Instyle-Egg®, the most advanced laser hair device, reverse thinning balding hair, rejuvenate scalp cells, improve hair quality with natural, safe, drug-free hair treatment LLLT technology. Not only for stop hair falling or hair loss, but also promote and strengthen new hair in both men and women!

Now why don’t you start experiencing Instyle-Egg® hair treatment ? 

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  • brit

    I'm pleased.

    I was little skeptical on buying this, but it promised 6-month-guarantee, so I gave it a try and it did work!


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  • Huai KUO

    It works just like what I expected!

    Although it said it’s a long term therapy, I started grow new hair just after 2 month using it. I have been suffering from hair loss for a long while. Now I can see my hair growing.


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  • sophia

    You should actully give this freaking product a try!

    I am such a busy woman, but I can take and wear it anywhere. After few months of using it, I find my hair OBVIOUSLY go much thicker and stronger. Thanks to the outstanding results, I become more confident and proud of myself!


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  • AnaFequiere

    Such a fun experience

    The cap was definitely a fun and interesting experience. I love how the cap gets warm and i can feel the stimulation. The package does come with the snapback cap which is great. I love the way the case is designed and has the grip handle. The battery pack is bulky but not heavy.


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