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Insomnia and Hair Loss

Is Sleep Important for Hair Growth?

Sleep quality is related to many healthy issues, such as body skin, stress, immune system and even hair loss! In a 24-hour cycle for maintaining the right balance throughout our body, we must sleep between 7.5-9.5 hours, as insomnia may result in hair loss and healthy problems.

Sleep deprivation (insomnia) does disrupt physical and emotional activities, and HGH (Human Growth Hormones), which is produced in normal sleep cycles, would be affected lower and cause hair thinning and falling. Besides, melatonin, and anti-oxidant to wake cycles and regulate sleep, may also decrease hair growth. One of insomnia reason is stress. The lack of sleep can result in higher levels of stress which is shown to cause hair loss.

insomnia may cause hair loss

When you don’t have adequate sleep, it becomes difficult for your hair and body to absorb nutrients. Lack of sleep can cause telogen effluvium, aggravate hereditary hair loss, and other baldness conditions. You hair and immune system will be generally unhealthy and weak, as the required nutrients is cut short.

How to improve sleep quality?

Some strategies for you to help insomnia:

Keep your room dark-

thick and opaque curtains are helpful for your nights. Darkness can eliminate outside light of electronic devices, TVs. Prepare an eye mask can also help you sleep deeper.

Quiet environment-

external noise from neighbors, stray animals, vehicles or other resources could make you startled and have a light sleep. Use white noise machine or earplugs helps you fall asleep easier.

Suitable bedroom-

appropriate pillow, comforter and sheet provides you comfortable and right positions. Choose them based on the sleeping positions you prefer and the material you like.

Manage stress-

keeping stress levels down can help your sleep quality. It’s easier to say than done, but try to control you feeling about stress and relax when you are going to sleep. If you have serious stress and cause insomnia, contact a doctor for help.

Establish routine sleeping and waking up time-

going bed and waking up simultaneously will make you adjust a regular schedule, and it is best not to stay up late at night

Insomnia and Hair Loss 1

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