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Dry Hair Causes & Treatments

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Dry hair is often lack of moisture to keep bright and soft, and dry hair may be fragile, brittle and unruly. Let’s understand the possible causes and uncover the best treatments.

Dry hair can be cause by these factors:

  • Excessive sun exposure: sun damage is not only bad for your skin, but also for your sunburned scalp. If you are living in a dry, hot climate or spending a lot of time in the sun or wind, your hair will be more brittle and split ends.

  • Heat styling and coloring: using harsh styling products can contribute to split ends and breakage. While your hair appears frizzy and dull, it’s brittle and hard to style and get in vicious cycle.

  • Chlorinated water: contacting with chlorinated or salty water may cause hair loss because chlorine has an oxidizing effect that may cause dryness and irritation for human health. You may have more chances to contact with this

  • Smoking and other harmful habits: smoking can cause many health problems and physical changes, even hair loss. For more smoking affects, you can read “Does Smoking Cause Hair Loss”.

  • Washing your hair too often: shampoo removes dirt and sweat from your hair, and strip your hair of sebum, which is natural oil to make your hair easily maintain shiny and bright.

Dry hair is often lack of moisture, and may be fragile, brittle and unruly.

To stop your hair from being dry, here are some simple tips:

  • Avoid shampoo your hair every day; or Use the shampoo specifically for dry hair or baby shampoo which is mildly for your hair cleansing. It may relieve your symptoms.

  • Avoiding flat irons, curling irons, electric rollers and other heating tools to hurt your hair texture; if you are outdoors, wearing a hat to protect your hair and scalp and avoid direct sunlight.

  • Eating healthy and taking vitamins are also important when it comes to making dry and brittle hair healthy. Healthy diet can benefit your body and your hair follicles on the scalp. Omega 3 fatty, protein and beta-carotene are mainly helpful for fragile and dry hair. For more essential nutrients and vitamins, you can read “10 Best Food for Healthy Hair Growth”.

  • Moisturizing hair products: moisturizing hair products can nourish your hair and scalp, and your hair will be more hydrated and softer.

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Dry hair is often lack of moisture, and may be fragile, brittle and unruly.